Environmental Metal Monitoring Solution for heavy industries (EnviMon)

Environmental Metal Monitoring Solution for heavy industries (EnviMon)

The EnviMon project will develop and commercialize a water monitoring solution that is capable of detecting metal concentrations. The solution will be directed at heavy industries that use large quantities of water in their processes, like mining and extraction, metal manufacturing and pulp and paper manufacturing. The solution will also meet the needs of environmental authorities who carry out water monitoring. The automated solution for continuous monitoring of metals in aquatic systems and industrial discharge waters will be capable of operating in any weather condition and sending emergency alarms as well as generating environmental reports from a centralised databank. It will include a statistical model for estimating concentrations of other metals and substances in the water. The low maintenance, low energy consumption solution will help industries to reduce metal emissions to nature, and thus increase productivity and gain economic savings. The project’s activities will consist of technical development of monitoring stations, enhancing a data management system with new functionalities, testing of existing metal sensors/analysers and development of a statistical model for estimating metal concentrations. The solution will be taken through long field tests in the Nordic countries. Information about the solution will be actively disseminated at different events and by presentations for potential clients in the countries chosen in project’s market study.


The EnviMon solution for on-line monitoring of metal concentrations in water will help heavy industries to decrease their discharge water emissions.


  • Automated water monitoring solution that can be used by heavy industries and environmental authorities for continuous detection of metal concentrations and other harmful substances in natural waters.
  • A statistical model that enables correlating measurements made by the monitoring solution to other metals in solution for estimating total metal loads
  • Decreased emissions and 50-80% decrease in discharge water monitoring costs at the test sites
  • Refined information on the markets and barriers and a business plan for the SME partners’ joint activities Increased awareness on the automated water monitoring solutions amongst the project’s target groups

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