Energy water and waste minimisation

Energy water and waste minimisation

This project will reduce the companys environmental resource consumption by: 1. Reducing the energy consumption through introduction of SmartHeat technology, compressed air training and efficiency adjustments, lighting efficiency upgrades, energy training, sub-metering and energy audit. 2.Reduction of water consumption through reuse of waste water from the two Reverse Osmosis plants for use in WC flushing. 3. Reduction of landfill waste production through increasing waste recycling levels. 4. Reduce energy associated with compressed air 5. Make brass wire returns process more robust, expanding the free paper recycling arrangement and assist in the returns of pallets to suppliers.

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Environmental Protection Agency 2012-ET-CP-31
Declan Coleman

Keywords: Reduced Energy Consumption; Reduced Water Consumption; Wastewater Re-Use; Reduced Waste

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