EcoWater Project

EcoWater Project

EcoWater is a Research Project supported through the 7th Framework Programme of the European Commission, implemented by a Consortium of 10 Institutes and Universities across Europe.

EcoWater aims to address the existing gap in meso-level eco-efficiency metrics by adopting a systems’ approach to develop eco-efficiency indicators, using water service systems as case application examples (Case Studies).

By studying the corresponding value chains, as well as the actors involved and their interactions, the project seeks to understand how technological changes in water systems interrelate, and influence the economic and environmental profile of water use in different sectors.

The specific research objectives of EcoWater concern the:

  1. Selection of eco-efficiency indicators, suitable for assessing the system-wide eco-efficiency improvements (or deteriorations) from innovative technologies.
  2. Integration of existing tools and assessment methods in a coherent modelling environment, allowing for system-wide environmental and economic benchmarks of innovations.
  3. Elaboration of exemplary Case Studies in different systems and sectors to assess innovative technologies and practices.
  4. Analysis and characterisation of existing structures and policy instruments for technology uptake, through the development and testing of different scenarios on relevant policy and management factors.
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