ECOinnovation of PHARMAceutical BUILDINGS supporting in sustainable LCA tools (ECOPHARMA-BUILDING)

ECOinnovation of PHARMAceutical BUILDINGS supporting in sustainable LCA tools (ECOPHARMA-BUILDING)

The Ecopharmabuilding project aims at the construction of a sustainable building for pharmaceutical activities using a new methodology. This methodology will be sustained by the principles of energy efficiency and sustainability and therefore will help to reduce the environmental impact of the processes undertaken during the life cycle of pharmaceutical products: research and technological development, extraction and raw material manufacturing, encapsulation and storage. The project will tackle the following issues: the high energy consumption of electricity and fossil fuels, the emission of toxic substances from materials, water waste and toxic organic and biological wastes and the high consumption for packaging among others. In addition, the applied methodology will support the development of eco-designed pharmaceutical products.


A sustainable construction methodology for pharmaceutical buildings where eco-innovative pharmaceutical processes will be undertaken.


  • The consortium has designed different Eco-solutions for: - Search of raw materials: the achieved reduction of the space occupied by the clean rooms has been reduced up to 50% of the regular size. Different video connexions have been established in order to network R&D activities. - Development of galena processes: the machinery and the equipments have been reduced and have been integrated in a design specifically for the pharmaceutical industry.
  • In addition, the consortium has designed different Eco-solutions for: - 3. Transformation, Elaboration and packaging processes: Class 20 areas have been reduced and the machinery robotizised. - 4. Storage: for the storage, the design integrates systems use the cool air during the night for cooling profitting the climatic conditions of the Basque Country.
  • - In the previous months, the partners have identified and selected new materials and building techniques for clean rooms, air treatment: new materials have been analysed for the clean room´s pannels and the design will take into account the special shape of the land for the most energy demanding parts of the laboratories.
  • - Energy efficiency-power generation systems have been designed and an innovative LCA tool has been designed. Also - An Eco innovative Poject for new pharmaceutical buildings has been achieved, and the pilot project construction is near.
  • - The partners will now work in the implementation of the project and in the dissemination of the results as many eco solutions can be exploited soon.

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