EcoFood from Aquaponics (ECOPONICS)

EcoFood from Aquaponics (ECOPONICS)

EcoPonics joins three innovation companies from Denmark, Iceland and Spain, respectively, collaborating with the University of Iceland with the aim to implement commercial and competitive Aquaponics production systems in all three participating countries. Aquaponics is a combination of the words aquaculture and hydroponics, and the eco-innovative technology behind is similarly a combination of the two normally specialized production systems, producing fish and plants in one production loop. The wastewater from the fish is used as resources in the horticultural production where plants take up the nutrients and hence cleanse the water before being returned to the fish, eliminating traditional use of fertilizers and minimizing use of water and energy. Thus, Aquaponics is a resource efficient and environmentally friendly food production system optimizing use of resources. The EcoPonics partners will work towards dissemination and replication of the Aquaponics technique in Europe providing new high skilled jobs and sustainable high value food products.


EcoPonics provides commercial Aquaponics - an environmentally friendly food production method that will be marketed for replication in Europe


  • New and smarter Eco-innovative Life cycle technology solutions driven by European SME´s generating commercial based industrial showcases
  • Integrating modern food production with EU transition policies advocating for climate resilient and CO2 neutral cities
  • New possibilities for direct use of renewable energy in industry
  • New sustainable food products locally produced in Europe
  • Waste products made into valuables

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Name: Dr. Ragnheidur Thorarinsdottir
Tel: +354-8964830

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