Dissemination activities in Arenales aquifer

Dissemination activities in Arenales aquifer

Demonstration Site description

Since 2002, when MAR activities began in this sector of Arenales aquifer, (considered a construction for the general interest of the nation), recharge activities have been accomplished by means of the irrigation community, who counted on the support, when they required it, from the technicians involved in the studies and construction work.
After a decade, some articles and books as well as abundant information have been published, specially directed to technicians and researchers, but there are still many users and farmers who ignore a great part of this activity. Within this context, this workshop, that has been called MAR4FARM is specially dedicated to farmers as main user of groundwater resources, in order to solve some doubts they could have (avoiding technical language), as: what were these building works made for?, why is it profitable for agriculture?, how does the aquifer behave?, what should know a farmer on water managing?. These questions plus all those that might arise, will be debated by the technicians participating in the project, works, irrigation community board, municipalities, Douro river and Junta de Castille and Leon basin civil servants, as agents more dedicated to the activity, together with farmers, the real part of this story.

Results obtained so far

The awareness process on energy saving by means of alternative resources has started, as irrigation with electricity obtained from solar panels. Some members in the irrigation communities attended the workshop, receiving advise on the pros and cons of the activity.

Success factors

Training by demonstration and opportunity to check other farmer ́s experience. Direct contact with installers and manufacturer. Involvement of private companies and spin-off companies from technological centers for energy savings.

Performance indicators

Indicators are related to the irrigation community evolution: number of farmers, hectares in irrigation and the evolution of the number, etc. The indicators system is being currently developed.

Repeatability & Applicability

Similar workshops can be easily set up in other villages of Arenales aquifer selected by its feasibility. The study of the potential tax of return should be performed.

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