Cumulative Phosphorous and Nitrogen Loadings to Groundwater

Cumulative Phosphorous and Nitrogen Loadings to Groundwater

There is currently no methodology available to assess cumulative impacts arising from inputs of N and P. Development of such a methodology will allow better assessment of impacts from such inputs. Classification of GWBs in the next RBMP will require more detailed analysis than was possible for the first RBMP. In particular, quantification of pollutant loadings will be required when assessing the impact of N and P in groundwater on surface water and terrestrial ecosystems. The defensibility of the Programmes of Measures will become a key issue for Environmental Agencies during the next RBMP period. Dependence on analysis of pollutant concentrations alone is likely to be insufficient; loading analysis is likely to be an important contributor to justifications and decision-making.

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Environmental Protection Agency
Mike Carey

Keywords: Cumulative impacts; Nitrogen and Phosphorus; Programmes of measures; Loading analysis

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