Cullen Fellowship - Ocean Climate

Cullen Fellowship - Ocean Climate

The proposed PhD research aims to assess the inter-annual variability of hydrographic conditions in Irish waters with an emphasis on deep ocean-shelf ocean linkages with an emphasis on a common continental margin feature; the NE Atlantic slope current. Deep ocean data, principally ARGO, will be used to assess changes in distribution of intermediate water masses and the influence they have on winter mixed layer depth and the resultant water mass characteristics transported along the margin. Satellite derived sea surface height data will be analysed to the continuity and variability of the slope current with basin scale forcing as described by the N Atlantic wind stress. Inter-annual changes in seasonally generated shelf sea stratification and density frontal structures will be quantified in terms of the influence of slope current transport along and across the continental margin relative to variation in the local heat and freshwater fluxes. Results will be synthesised and assessed in the context of interpretation of measured changes in the regional ecosystems and biogeochemical processes, for example fisheries and generation of HABs

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Marine Institute CF/14/05
Martin White

Keywords: Oceanography, oceanographic data sets, coastal currents, shelf edge current dynamics, continental margin, Ocean climate

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