Coca Cola Co. Initiative for aquifer recharge at Hindustan Beverages

Coca Cola Co. Initiative for aquifer recharge at Hindustan Beverages

In India, TCCC’s efforts to replenish groundwater are focused on the creation of rainwater harvesting structures, construction of check dams, restoration of ponds and traditional water bodies, and projects that help improve water-use efficiency in agriculture, such as drip irrigation. At the end of 2010, the company had installed more than 400 rainwater harvesting structures spread across 22 states. These structures have been installed in partnership with resident welfare associations, market welfare associations, educational institutions, industry associations, NGOs and local communities. Technologies include:
- a rooftop rainwater harvesting system with underground storage tank used for aquifer recharge;
- a percolation tank which stores water flowing out from a stream that flows through the premises;
- contour trenches to reduce runoff velocity and increase soil moisture on the property.
- a percolation canal that connects and artificially recharges the borewells to increase yields.

At the Wada site, approximately 84 million litres of water are harvested per year. The plant has become a model for neighbouring industries and farmers who are interested in implementing similar techniques.

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