Climate Change Adaptation Tools

Climate Change Adaptation Tools

The Danish portal on Climate Change Adaptation, managed by Danish Nature Agency, presents a range of positions on climate change and climate change adaptation within a number of areas. The site is a collaborative effort with Danish ministries and agencies, targeted at citizens, companies and local authorities. The portal provides up-to-date information and news on developments regarding climate change adaptation in Denmark and abroad. The portal is continuously updated with in-depth research and cases on new climate change adaptation initiatives and contains a compilation of an exhaustive list of adaptation technologies concerning sea-level rise, flooding, cloudburst and so forth. A handy calendar contains all larger events and exhibitions pertaining to climate change adaptation. has an extensive archive of authoritative reports and research from the last decade. The website makes it possible to view and analyze the impact of climate change through a range of sectors like fishery, forestry, insurance and emergency management. The portal also contains software tools and maps to depict the effects of climate change to ascertain the effects of rising sea levels on specific locales in Denmark. Interactive guides show how to combat its related problems in the home or in businesses.

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