Challenge: Water

Challenge: Water

Challenge: Water is a regional initiative aiming at designing ways to link challenges within climate change adaptation – with a special focus on water – to innovative business models. Holistic and integrated solutions encompassing more than water are the core of the initiative.

The initiative consists of a local/regional part and a global part, the former integrating areas such as urban development and establishing development with private companies to support innovation, and the latter motivating the business community in a mutually supportive effort to develop business models to deal with global water challenges – especially in big cities.

The National Perspective: A Quest for New and Innovative Solutions

Challenge: Water is cooperating closely with the Danish municipalities and water suppliers in identifying needs for new solutions. The first step consists in the formulation of specific development aims, the second in forming development consortia consisting of municipalities, water suppliers and private companies.  These consortia are requested to design the new solutions, integrating known technology in innovative ways.

The Global Perspective: A New Platform in South-East Asia

A new Platform – The Danish Water Technology House – is presently being set up in Singapore and shall focusing on the whole of South-East Asia. The purpose of the platform is to manage developmental cooperation among Danish companies - also companies already established in South-East Asia - promote their water technology, systems, and solutions, support networks, counselling in regards to project development and financing, etc. The Platform is foreseen to work on the integration of water and other issues such as environment, communication and agriculture, where relevant and necessary.

The Danish Water Technology House is to be an effective clearing house for Danish companies in their efforts to develop into permanent actors on the markets of South-East Asia. Local experts and sales consultants with relevant networks and local contacts will staff the centre. The House is already active in pilot-activities and is expected to be officially opened in the middle of 2014.

Who is behind?

Challenge: Water is developed by the Central Denmark Region and co-financed by the EU. The Fresh Water Centre (Ferskvandscentret) is the manager of the of the project, assisted by two external consultant consortia – one to advise on national matters (consisting of Danish Technological Institute, COWI, the Danish Export Association, the Minor Change Group) as well as one to advise on international perspectives (EnviDan, DHI, and the Danish Export Association).


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