A bio-based floor covering with ERUTAN inside (ERUTAN)

A bio-based floor covering with ERUTAN inside (ERUTAN)

ERUTAN (read "nature" backwards) stands for a green business solution for the global carpet industry. The objective of this project is the industrial production of woollen floor coverings by using natural materials only and excluding synthetics and chemicals that are harmful to the environment. The end product will be biodegradable and will be 100% reusable. So far, material recycling of traditional carpets equals to 20%, the residual waste is burnt in incinerators for energy recycling only. Thus ERUTAN is the first industrial application for carpets with a fully closed biological loop. Besides the prevention of waste, the manufacturing of these woollen floor coverings requires significantly less energy during the scouring of the raw wool and especially during the new backing process by enzymes. Moreover, the substitution of non-renewable substances and chemicals by enzymes leads to a weight reduction contributing to less transportation costs and fuel consumption. By the end of the project, ERUTAN intends to cover at least 10% of the global production of woollen floor coverings with a growth potential up to 30-40%.

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