Austria Urban River Landscape - Urban River Landscape Graz

Austria Urban River Landscape - Urban River Landscape Graz

In the light of a dynamically developing city the river Mur is a significant leisure and recovery corridor in the urban area of Graz. This importance will even increase over the next decades. Under the motto „habitat Mur - sustainable use, cautious development, intense experience and attractive design” freiland Environmental Consulting Civil Engineers Ltd. is dealing with this urban river habitat for almost 10 years now.

On basis of the concept "habitat Mur" (LebMur) a planning process has been initiated in 2004, which is constantly optimized since then. Under this concept opportunities for development and measures have been identified that contribute to the protection, the enhancement and the long-term ecological management of the habitat Mur. In the subsequent preparation of the Master plans Mur - Graz south and Graz center the concept was revived, adapted to the new environment (power plant project) and developed accordingly. The detailed design and the continuous site monitoring secured the quality of the implementation of the first recreational areas resulting from this process: the promenade Graz Süd including harbour and the "Auwiesen".

The current focus of the habitat development lies in the establishment of the "regional park alluvial area on the river Mur". The integrated development process aims at reducing landuse conflicts in metropolitan areas. The goal is to accomplish new qualities for this area which is characterized by high pressure on the environment. Subsequently an attractive and usable urban landscape will be developed, by taking into consideration the important role of the river.

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