AQUIS On-line hydraulic tool in Hørsholm Water

AQUIS On-line hydraulic tool in Hørsholm Water

On-line Planning and operational tool
Hydraulic models for water distribution systems are traditional planning tools. With the implementation of AQUIS, Hørsholm Water has an online modeling tool that not only is a planning tool, but also an operational tool providing overview and fact based decisions in daily maintenance off the water distribution system. Current supply points, flow directions, stagnation points and supply pressure are examples of important on-line operating conditions available to Hørsholm Water any where.
The planning process in a distribution department
Planning and coordination of tasks in a distribution department is essential for an optimized solution of a problem or a task. Planning for renovating or repair of fractures are examples where the model provides Hørsholm Water a fantastic overview.
Faster and better customer service
Hørsholm Water is proactive in informing customers on maintenance or irregularities in the distribution system. AQUIS is providing closing lists and for quick service message by text or mail to customer, directly from the service car.
Source tracing when you need itAQUIS provide water quality calculation online. All data is available and Hørsholm Water can immediately start to track a source or the spread of contamination whether the damage should be limited or the supply situation should be normalized.

If you want to read more about this innovative solution, you can do so at, which also enables you to contact with the solution provider for a visit of the demonstration site

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