Aarhus River project

Aarhus River project

This project is about flood prevention and preventing wastewater from overflowing into lakes, streams and bay by creating large basins and optimal control of the basins, sewerage plants and water treatment plants.
In 2005, the Municipality of Aarhus decided to improve the quality of the water hygiene in the receiving waters through the Aarhus River project to support the opportunities for recreational use of Lake Brabrand, the Aarhus River and the Port of Aarhus. In more measurable terms, the decision is driven by the Water Framework Directive and the Bathing Water Directive, and the planned solution must be adapted to the expected climate change scenario.
As an integrated part of the Aarhus River project, Arhus Vand has implemented one of the world’s most advanced systems in which the control of all installations are coordinated from one point. Efficient and flexible operation, especially during rainfall events, will be secured by new integrated control and an early warning system. This will improve the water hygiene, also during expected climate change scenarios like intense rainfall and rising sea levels. The demonstration will involve improved rainfall monitoring, integrated control of sewer and wastewater treatment plants and early warning of water quality of receiving waters.

If you want to read more about this innovative solution, you can do so at stateofgreen.com, which also enables you to contact with the solution provider for a visit of the demonstration site

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