WATERDATA4ACTION is a service to help stakeholders from government, private sector and non-governmental organizations to take well guided action for sustainable water use through the integration of water, economic, environmental and social information.

It brings information and data from different sectors (water, agriculture, environment, etc) and from different stakeholders together in an integrated assessment and engagement framework. With this stakeholders get involved and action is triggered.

Analytical tools for water management are generally determined by data availability. With WATERDATA4ACTION it is the other way around, it is scalable depending on the data available.  

WATERDATA4ACTION can be used in data scarce environments in emerging economy countries to provide the best view possible of the water situation and engage stakeholders.

In data rich environments as the EU, WATERDATA4ACTION can be used to integrate complex data and present it so that all stakeholders can understand and engage.

For more information contact Derk Kuiper at derk@goodstuffinternational.com

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