Waterbag freshwater supply

Waterbag freshwater supply

Waterbags are large flexible textile-based containers, filled with freshwater and towed at sea by tugboats. Waterbags are used as seasonal or permanent supply, alone or coupled to other sources such as desalinators. Waterbags provide a safe, quick and flexible supply for emergency response or smoothing peaks of demand.

Our approach to waterbags is radically different from previous ones:

It is modular, which means you can vary payload according to need, you can perform all dry operations at single module level (no need for special equipment), you can easily access the interior for sanitation.

We have already successfully demonstrated the system at sea in Spain in December 2014 and we will carry out a public showcase demo voyage in Turkey in May 2015. The press and public are invited. If you want to know more about the XXL-REFRESH demo, please write to info@refresh-fp7.eu.

We are open to consider any commercial offer for either buying/leasing/renting the waterbag (worldwide) or the "turnkey" water supply service (in the Mediterranean).

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