"Water technology testing facilities" - WETSUS Demonstration sites

"Water technology testing facilities" - WETSUS Demonstration sites

For larger scale research and demonstration activities, it is economically not feasible to transport large quantities of specific water to a laboratory. To arrange “on site” testing at the location where the water is available however, is often time and money consuming (founding and piping must be prepared, permits have to be arranged etc.) if all possible.

To overcome this bottleneck in the innovation chain, Wetsus facilitates the realization of unique demonstration sites where new concepts can be scaled up, tested and demonstrated. The sites have been and will be realized in a radius of 50 km around the Wetsus laboratory. Subsidies have been obtained from the “Samenwerkingsverband Noord-Nederland” the province of Fryslân and the European Fund for Regional Development.

The unique combination of research facilities on laboratory and pilot plant demonstration scale will further contribute to the image and attraction of the region for water companies. The possibility for participants to test and demonstrate new technology at specially prepared sites in the immediate vicinity of Wetsus and its researchers is unique and will accelerate the introduction of new technology.

The following demonstration sites are realized:

  • Wetsalt
  • Demonstration site waste water treatment technology Leeuwarden
  • Demonstration site drinking water Noardburgum
  • Sentec
  • Hospital waste water Antonius Sneek



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