"Water technology testing facilities" - SOWC Accelerating Water Innovation

"Water technology testing facilities" - SOWC Accelerating Water Innovation

Data Platform

SOWC Data provides the ability to capture, analyze, and visualize real-time climatic and watershed data in support of new software, monitoring technology and research applications.

Drinking Water

Facilities are available for evaluating the presence of contaminants in drinking water, and testing the effectiveness of their removal or inactivation using membrane and/or AOP technology on various types of source water.


Ecotoxicology researchers assess water quality and its impact on aquatic biota. This expertise allows SOWC clients to study environmental stressors supported by the availability of mobile field facilities, bioassay facilities, and advanced analytical equipment.


The Sensors node enables the design, prototyping and validation of sensors to support innovative technologies used to detect pathogens, chemicals and elemental contamination in water.


SOWC provides access to municipal wastewater flow at facilities in Guelph and London. These are designed to allow clients to install, test, demonstrate and validate new technology from small- to full-scale flows.


Urbanization has a profound effect on watersheds. Our dense network of monitoring stations enables the study of those effects and testing of new technology. Groundwater remediation and bedrock aquifer testing facilities are also available.

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