"Water technology testing facilities" - Kiwa

"Water technology testing facilities" - Kiwa

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Would you like to make your organisation more manageable, efficient, safe and sustainable? Certification is a way of eliminating risks and above all of paving the way to improved quality. Kiwa is specialised in quality certification for products, processes, management systems and persons, as well as CE marking and aspect certification.


Kiwa carries out inspections on existing facilities, pipes and homes. Risk management and quality are of prime importance. This does not just concentrate on functionality. Kiwa inspectors also look at important matters such as safety and environmental aspects.


Are you looking for a laboratory to test your product or application, whether or not this is combined with certification, assessment or inspections? You can rely on the Kiwa test laboratories around the world.


Knowledge is essential if you want to make changes possible in your organisation, take advantage of opportunities and challenges and take on the challenges of running a business. Kiwa Training (website in Dutch only) offers you an extensive range of practical courses, training courses and workshops in the areas of installation and distribution technology, quality, safety, knowledge of standards and care.

Technology: technical advice on energy and water

Do you need research or advice in the field of energy, in particular gas and water? Kiwa Technology is an independent international knowledge business focused on this area. Our clients include energy companies and manufacturers of products that use or transport energy. Kiwa Technology concentrates mainly on consultancy during the purchase, sale and distribution of gas. Furthermore, Kiwa Technology can support you with research and advice when you develop new applications that use sustainable energy.

Data services: information and research in the care sector

Kiwa Carity (website in Dutch only) is an independent centre of expertise and knowledge institute for the care sector that offers information and research services and provides advice and training.

Issue of licences

Kiwa Register (website in Dutch only) is commissioned to issue licences by authorities including the Ministry of Transport and Water Management. This involves official documents for transport by land, water and air. Kiwa Register issues licences for inland shipping, fishing, merchant shipping, buses, taxis, lorries and air transport. 

E-mail: info@kiwa.nl

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