"Water technology testing facilities" - DHI ENVIRONMENTAL TECHNOLOGY VERIFICATION

"Water technology testing facilities" - DHI ENVIRONMENTAL TECHNOLOGY VERIFICATION

The European Union (EU) has launched a program for verification of new environmental technologies: the EU ETV — Environmental Technology Verification Pilot Programme. The programme provides reliable information to technology owners across Europe about the effects of their environmental technologies. EU ETV facilitates the entry into the market for new, promising environmental technologies by reducing uncertainty among sceptical buyers.
The current growth in environmental technologies has resulted in a need from users and investors for an independent assessment of the performance of their technologies. In simple terms, Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) is testing, verifying and documenting the performance of an environmental technology. The aim of ETV is to validate that the technology suits its purpose and performs as claimed. This means that your environmental technology can obtain a quality stamp from an independent verification unit.
ETV considers three main aspects:
  • the performance parameters derived from the claims of the manufacturers
  • the requirements of environmental regulations
  • the need of the customers
Companies interested in a product verification may contact a representative from a verification body — DS Certification in Denmark — who will be able to explain the verification process. After the initial eligibility check and proposal phase, the verification body defines verification parameters, assesses available data and decides whether further tests are needed. If further testing is necessary, we can assist with the elaboration of a test plan and carry out the testing for you, including reporting.


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