Water Stewardship Services

Water Stewardship Services

Water Stewardship Services include:

  • Supporting the development of a water management framework for industry, water authorities, cities and regions
  • Process initiation and process management
  • E-learning, trainings and workshops at the Water Stewardship Academy or on site, with optional tailor made e-learning modules and assessments
  • Expertise and consultancy services on policy development, progress measurement, strategy
  • Networking and involvement of best practices, using webinars with international renowned experts in support of information exchange
  • Screening of operations against water stewardship principles & criteria, gap analysis
  • Performance measurement and implementing of verification schemes
  • Involvement of (inter-) national key players
  • Best practices in water technology
  • Water System 4.0: an integrated approach combining Water Stewardship practices with intelligent Resources Management.
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