Wastewater treatment system, sewage and desalination

Wastewater treatment system, sewage and desalination

Techno Água is a Brazilian company created and managed by a multinational team.

Research and innovation are its main strengths. 

Techno Água was born with an environmental mission:

- Make the Planet Earth a better place.

Its values and objectives are:

- To Reduce energy consumption;
- To Eliminate odors;
- To Recycle water in production lines;
- To Produce inert sludge;
- To Provide water free of microorganisms;
- To Dispose drugs, hormones, and contaminants; 
- To Decrease the amount of lands to be, or already, acquired that are destined to construction of lagoons; 
- (Optional)To Generate power for self consumption and utilization of excess energy;
- To Capture Carbon continuously (it does not release methane gas nor other gases in the environment); 
- To Depurate water for Human and Animal consumption; 
- To Deliver a system with modular expansion;

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