UNESCO/IHE - Wastewater treatment on a green roof

UNESCO/IHE - Wastewater treatment on a green roof

Lack of water, lack of space and lack of green areas have stimulated new solutions for wastewater treatment like the Constructed WetRoof. The design and development of the WetRoof was encouraged by essential societal needs such as demands for sustainability and creative aspirations. UNESCO-IHE is studying the performance of this system constructed on the roof of the office building of Van Helvoirt Greenprojects Ltd. This technology combines the benefits of a constructed wetland for wastewater treatment with those of a green roof in a single system, providing green areas in unused spaces. The WetRoof has proven to deliver an appropriate effluent quality for irrigation, toilet flushing or disposal into water bodies while it also provides a green area. This system is adaptable to different urban requirements but it is best seen as a way to solve some of the problems of megacities where the need for sanitation, water and green areas are critical due to the lack of space.

Contact: Hans van Bruggen (h.vanbruggen@unesco-ihe.org)

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