UNESCO/IHE - Sediment management in reservoirs

UNESCO/IHE - Sediment management in reservoirs

Reservoir infilling is still an underestimated issue in many parts of the world, both during design and during operation that leads to reduced reservoir capacity and alteration of the original operation schemes. Sediment provenance studies have so far been conducted mostly with a mono-disciplinary approach, either it being from the mineralogical point of view or from the hydraulic modelling point of view. UNESCO-IHE has developed a combined, multidisciplinary approach to gain more realistic insights into the sediment source areas and their transport and deposition, providing more useful sediment management tools to dam operator agencies. This novel approach includes multidisciplinary assessment of sediment sources in reservoirs by combining mineralogical fingerprinting with 2/3D morphodynamic modelling.

Locations: Mozambique, Sudan
Contact: Alessandra Crosato (a.crosato@unesco-ihe.org)

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