UNESCO/IHE - Seasonal hydrological drought forecasting

UNESCO/IHE - Seasonal hydrological drought forecasting

A new approach to providing forecast drought information to water users in drought-prone areas that couples seasonal meteorological forecasts and hydrological modeling has been developed by researchers at UNESCO-IHE. This methodology provides key information on the occurrence of dry spells, low soil moisture conditions and reservoir levels.

The research was developed in the context of a European 7th Framework research project focusing on drought forecasting and warning, that was carried out in close collaboration with partners across Africa and Europe. In some climatic regions of Africa forecasts were found to be reliable for selected indicators of drought up to lead times of 3-4 months allowing users such as rain-fed farmers, irrigated farmers and reservoir operators to take timely action to reduce the impacts of drought events.

Location: Africa
Contact: Shreedhar Maskey (s.maskey@unesco-ihe.org)

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