UNESCO/IHE - Monitoring Water Operator Partnerships

UNESCO/IHE - Monitoring Water Operator Partnerships

Collaboration between water operators and water utilities around the world can significantly improve their operations and thus access of people to safe drinking water and sanitation. More than 85% of water operators worldwide are in public hands, all with the same key business processes, many operating in similar contexts and facing comparable challenges. Partnerships between operators are increasingly seen as a powerful approach to improve and sustain water services. A novel multi-path approach to monitoring and evaluating the performance of this type of partnership has been developed and tested. The multi-path approach comprises five complementary paths: (i) satisfaction of partners and stakeholders, (ii) quality of interorganisational dynamics; (iii) project inputs are consolidated into change; (iv) organisational capacity changes; and (v) performance gains.

The application of this innovative approach reveals insights into the process undergone by both partners and identifies how utilities can improve their performance. To allow broad use of this methodology an open access system is being developed by BEWOP - Boosting Effectiveness of Water Operator Partnerships, an initiative led by UNESCO-IHE and UN-HABITAT. This development will help increase the performance of water operators and thus the sustained access to safe drinking water and sanitation.

Contact: Maria Pascual (m.pascual@unesco-ihe.org)

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