UNESCO/IHE - Improving performance of water utilities

UNESCO/IHE - Improving performance of water utilities

The purpose of the CAPIWUA capacity development project is to achieve performance improvement of the water utilities of Kampala, Nakuru and Dar es Salaam in the thematic areas of governance and management, revenue collection, and services provision to the poor. The result of the project is determined by target values for a set of 10 pre-selected Key Performance Indicators that jointly cover the three thematic areas. These performance indicators are assessed at the onset, halfway and at the end of the project. The need to achieve improved performance has brought the eight project partners together more forcefully and effectively than would have been in the case in a more conventional setting where the five
supporting partners would limit themselves to the design and delivery of capacity development interventions and the three beneficiary partners would need to achieve the performance improvement ‘on their own’.

The project set outto forge a strong partnership focused on jointly achieving performance improvement rather than on the delivery of individual inputs. This novel approach was operationalized through a number of project management tools, the cornerstone of which is the annual performance improvement plan (PIP) that is drawn up by each beneficiary utility in consultation with the partners. Each PIP defines its own rationale, deliverables, activities, and the related partner inputs and budget requirement.

Locations: Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda
Contact: Maarten Blokland (m.blokland@unesco-ihe.org)

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