UNESCO/IHE - Forecasting floods

UNESCO/IHE - Forecasting floods

State-of-the-art forecasting methods to provide operational flood forecasting in Colombia have been piloted, combining hydrometric real-time ground data with meteorological and hydrological models. Pilot applications in three basins in Colombia show the potential for providing operational forecasts to communities at risk to reduce flood damage such as that caused by the destructive floods of 2010-2011.

UNESCO-IHE has been working in collaboration with Deltares and IDEAM, the Colombian Hydrometeorological agency, as well as regional institutions on establishing an operational flood forecasting service. Through joint development in three pilot basins, knowledge and capacity have been established, and IDEAM is now working towards providing the service at a national level to all communities at risk in the country.

Contact: Micha Werner (m.werner@unesco-ihe.org)

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