UNESCO/IHE - Fluoride removal family filter

UNESCO/IHE - Fluoride removal family filter

Millions of people in Africa (Sudan, Ethiopia, Uganda, United Republic of Tanzania, Ghana, Kenya, etc.), Asia (Jordan, China, Pakistan, India, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Iraq, Iran, Morocco, Algeria, etc.), Europe, America and Australia are exposed every day to high fluoride levels in drinking water. Long-term exposure to elevated fluoride concentration in drinking water is responsible for dental and skeletal fluorosis, and increased incidence of cancer and other diseases. The UNESCO-IHE fluoride removal family filter, based on a modified locally available low-cost adsorbent, has been demonstrated to effectively remove fluoride from drinking water. The filter is simple to operate, does not require electricity and can be produced locally.

Contact: Branislav Petrusevski (b.petrusevski@unesco-ihe.org)

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