UNESCO/IHE - Extreme events and UNESCO heritage sites

UNESCO/IHE - Extreme events and UNESCO heritage sites

A new flood-prevention approach, proposed by UNESCO by building a 1.6 metre-high permanent wall, dykes, and a new road elevation and floodway, hopes to save the World Heritage ancient city of Ayutthaya Island. The province has sought an allocation of Bt550 million from the government to support the project, which involves the building of over 12.5 kilometres of dykes surrounding Ayutthaya Island.

The new approach is the result of two years’ research into the severe flood that hit Ayutthaya in 2011. Recently, the flood model created by UNESCO Bangkok, in cooperation with the Fine Arts Department Bangkok, UNESCO-IHE, AIT, HAII and the ADB was unveiled in Ayutthaya. The model addresses the risk of extreme events in a holistic manner and is planned to assess the vulnerability to floods of UNESCO heritage sites worldwide.

Locations: Thailand, Worldwide
Contact: Zoran Vojinovic (z.vojinovic@unesco-ihe.org)

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