A system able to recycle used water and to provide a high water quality (AQUALOOP)

A system able to recycle used water and to provide a high water quality (AQUALOOP)

The AQUALOOP installation kit offers complete water reuse systems including heat reclamation producing germ-free high quality effluent, irrespective of whether the input water comes from grey water from houses, run off water from wastewater treatment plants or surface water and reclaims the heat of the water at the same time. The innovative water and heat reclaim technology saves more than 50% of water and 15 % of the heat consumption within a broad range of applications, such as private homes, hotels, camping sites, commercial and public buildings, industrial complexes and more. AQUALOOP formulates the vision to help water reclamation towards standardization in domestic and residential building applications alike. Beside a quality and price optimization of technical components for a reliable working and low serial product price, the installation of demonstration systems, the process optimization and accreditation such as the British Standard etc. will be steps to enable a broad exploitation.


Reduced water pollution, reduced chemical use, heat reclamation, less potable water consumption.


  • Process optimization for the AQUALOOP applications to reach both, lowest maintenance costs and power consumption including implementing a heat exchanger and the British Standard (Standard for Grey water Systems) accreditation.
  • Extension of the multi lingual web platform to new languages, the education of the existing European partners, and the participation at three international fairs to extend the network to South Europe. Based on remote transmission technology, a BOO model (Build-own-operate) shall be set up for further exploitation.
  • AQUALOOP systems shall have payback times for end users of commercial buildings of less than 10 years considering a mains and waste water price of 2,5 € BOO contractors shall have a return of investment of more than 10%.
  • Within two years after project finalization following major outputs shall be realized: Installation of 820 AQUALOOP systems for single family houses and 355 systems for commercial buildings, more than 300.000 m³ total savings of water, 2.100 MWh total savings of energy.

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