Solar UV Disinfection Systems

Solar UV Disinfection Systems

SolarUV - Disinfection Systems (UltraViolet) provide drinking water to remote and rural areas. Completely solar-powered SolarSpring systems use chemical free UV-Disinfection technology to produce drinking water from sources like ground or surface water. Automatic operation, low maintenance need and high security standards are the features of our SolarUV-Disinfection Systems.

SolarUV-Disinfection Systems are perfectly suited for applications where water with low or no turbidity is available but maybe contaminated. SolarUV - Disinfection Systems can be used as a standalone solution for direct drinking water production or modular for example as an additional post treatment and water-storage solution for ultrafiltration (UF) and reverse osmosis (RO) units.

Typical drinking water application are: individual water home systems, hotel and tourist resort application, rainwater harvesting, remote settlements or villages.

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