Smart sensors for water quality

Smart sensors for water quality

WatchFrog markets innovative water quality assessment using miniature amphibian and fish larvae as environmental sentinels. By associating these larvae with fluorescent markers, WatchFrog offers validated tests which quantify the entire range of micropollutants : endocrine disruptors, pesticides, plasticizers, pharmaceutical residues and cosmetics…

For several years WatchFrog has accompanied industrial companies from different sectors, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, chemicals, but also local authorities in their economical and industrial decisions.

We have multiple missions :

• Quantifying the efficiency of water treatment by measuring the fluorescence before and after treatment.

• Ensuring that chemicals entering into the composition of consumer products are not endocrine disruptors.

• Guaranteeing the quality of a water resource.

• Testing thousands of substances.

• Monitoring a water network.

These missions are carried out using biological tests which are easily understandable by everyone, from the general public to industry.

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