Sensorscope DS3 data logging system

Sensorscope DS3 data logging system

Used since 2009, the Sensorscope DS3 and Climaps system is designed to collect and transmit data from any sensor from any supplier. The system as standard can measure water height, depth, ground-water table, soil temperature and humidity, air temperature and humidity, rainfall, wind, infrared surface temperature, waterflow, solar radiation, snow height, air and water quality, normalized difference vegetation index, leaf wetness, soil water tension, soil volumetric water content, barometric pressure, black globe temperature, electrical conductivity of water and soil, water turbidity.

Data is transmitted to a secure set of storage servers for visualisation and first-level analysis on a desktop computer and/or smartphone or tablet. Permanent, secure storage of data is included. Data can be subsequently transferred to any external system running on a server with a free or open port for more specialised, 3rd-party processing.

Data logging units are small (1-litre unit for 3 input sensors including solar panels and batteries). Advantages of the data logging system are that it works with 0-5V, 0-20mA, 4-20mA, RS 232, RS 485, SDI12, Modbus, etc. The system is entirely autonomous of external energy supply having built-in solar panels and on-board batteries. Local GSM coverage is desirable but not obligatory. No external solar panels or batteries or other external supply are necessary in 95% of cases. Loggers without GSM communications card automatically set up a wireless network to the closest GSM station (fixed or mobile). The system has been proven in mountains and in deserts.

There are no software licence costs (software is free for hardware users). Additional development costs may be liable where new sensor technology is required; otherwise, this is an off-the-shelf product. Self-configurable maximum and minimum alerts are available per measured parameter by email, SMS or voice messaging.

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