ReWater container: ready to produce potable water even from wastewater Tasted and tested by representatives of the 5 continents and the 5 major world religions

ReWater container: ready to produce potable water even from wastewater Tasted and tested by representatives of the 5 continents and the 5 major world religions

This innovative solution had been developed by Hungarian water experts won Innovation Award of Budapest Water Summit 2016 Expo

Currently one out of five people live without access to drinking water. The United Nations predicts that 35% of the world’s population is going to experience water shortages by 2025.

What is the answer?

A product that is easy to install, that is cost-effective, mobile and sustainable and available all over the world. ReWater containerized drinking water treatment system is capable to provide valuable clean water even for 72 000 people on a daily basis where it is most needed such as high risk areas of water scarcity, contaminated freshwater sources, in case of disasters.

Experts of the Hungarian Water Cluster (technical and technological work had been made by Pureco Ltd. and Budapest Waterworks) has developed this transportable, compact innovation being adapted on the current needs and given tasks addressed the number of modules and interconnections in a flexible way without any public support.

Main importance of this innovations is that it offers solutions on local level and provide access to drinking water for everyone even in risk areas of water scarcity. This achievement of the product had been acknowledged and given the Innovation Award of Budapest Water Summit Expo.


Budapest Water Summit was held on the last three days of November received around 1800 participants and 600 Sustainable Water Solutions Expo visitors from 117 countries. The BWS 2016 served as a platform for discussion for heads of state and government, ministers, high-level representatives of international organisations, states and governments, members of the scientific, business and financial sectors and representatives of civil society from all over the world. Closing statement of the event is available HERE.

As part of this high-level conference, a Sustainable Water Solutions Expo was held aiming to display internationally recognised water management technologies. The Expo is intended to focus on sustainable, innovative, environment-friendly solutions in the field of drinking water production, water treatment and water supply. The exhibition also provided an opportunity for exhibitors to present and discuss their innovative and sustainable technologies. 58 exhibitors (more than 30 co-exhibitors) participated on the Expo. Hungarian, Turkish, Danish, French, American, Swedish companies, more international water associations (EWA, GWP, World Water Council, 8th World Water forum) and 7 higher educational institutions demonstrated their innovative and competitive water solutions.

Among the innovative solutions members of the Hungarian Water Cluster (Pureco Ltd. and Budapest Waterworks) focused on ReWater. The system was tested in October this year in the Central WWTP of Budapest and we can proudly declare that the cleaning efficiency has been found to be excellent and the product is ready to produce drinking water even from biologically pre-treated waste water.

Developers bottled from this drinking water and offered it for tasting during the Budapest Water Summit Expo, tasting was documented not only with photos but with certificates as well. It can be said that visitors from 30 countries tasted our water (we touched glasses with Indians, Lithuanians, Albanians, Macedonians, Mauritiusian, Iranian, English, Belgian, Saud-Arabian, Pakistani, Benninian, Moroccan, Laotian, Sudanese, Kenyan, Jordanian, French, Chinese, American, Somalian, Turkish, Dutch, Israeli, Italian, South-African, Senegalese, Australians and of course Hungarian visitors and two members of the UN High level panel on water: H. E. Ms. Ameenah Gurib-Fakim, President of Mauritius and H.E. Mr. János Áder,  president of Hungary.

Application for this Award was open to exhibitors and speakers of the Innovation Day of the BWS 2016 Sustainable Water Solutions Expo to nominate their own innovative equipment and/or technology. Pureco and Budapest Waterworks as exhibitors submitted their application together.

From the entries the international evaluation committee – consists of international water professionals: Head of Unit for Water and Marine Resources in JRC Directorate D - Sustainable Resources, Director of Freshwater Program of WWF, president of ICSU, representatives from the Presidential Office, director of Water Unit of Hungarian Chambers of Engineers, rector of Eötvös József College, president of European Water Associations and member of the steering group of EIP Water – awarded Pureco and Budapest Waterworks with the prize of  Water Innovation of the BWS 2016 Expo.

Film about ReWater is available HERE.

Communication plays an important role in the work of the EIP Water. It is crucial to involve and support relevant stakeholders from technology suppliers to water managers in innovation processes.

Communication helps to establish a vital marketplace for water related innovations and to disseminate success stories and solutions. Budapest Water Summit 2016 and Sustainable Water Solutions Expo contributed significantly to highlight importance of innovative approaches that are required to address and overcome the global water challenges, and their effects on societies and economies.

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