PREM WATER (Public Relation & Edutainment Machine)

PREM WATER (Public Relation & Edutainment Machine)

As part of the brainstorming process in the Global  Innovation Outlook (IBM), participants were asked a simple  hypothetical question: “If you had $10 billion to invest   in any water-related startup, what would it be?

The answer absolutely dominated was similar to this: “I’d invest in a massive public relations effort,” says  Lori Armstrong, Global Water Resource Industry manager at Environmental Systems Research Institute, Inc. (ESRI). “We have a perception problem with water. People think it’s cheap and abundant.   We need to pump up the public relations machine and make water a cool cause.”

Due to this reason our FLOW WATER 'startup' is exactly as named above! We plan to arrange two effective actions along European sea coastline: FLOW WATER Trip  at 2014 by "promotional camper" and by Floating Water Museum at 2015.

Any Action Group, organization and company are kindly welcome to join forming FLOW WATER trips content about clean water and water pollution issues, as well presenting their leading-edge technologies or/and services. 

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