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Executive Summary 

The most valuable commodity in the world today is water and likely to remain so for the next century. The unit cost of water "especially drinking water" has skyrocketed due to peak water issues and stressed out supply chains and is likely to go unsustainable in the next 20 years. To counter this new solution must be added to keep human life in the balance.

Ozone Tubes offers a solution to these problems

Almost everyone has heard of water treatment but very few people if any have heard of water processing, The science uses water's own water ions to purify water from the inside out. ELECTROLYTIC OZONE (EO) reacts with water at the molecule level as a pre-filter conditioner, especially for carbon. The end result is water that is light, slushy, and full of solvent energy. 

  • EO saves every drop of water by comparison to extremely wasteful RO systems
  • Superior carbon filtration- for the removal of chlorine and other negative ions 
  • the number one choice for freshness 
  • makes water light and slushy 
  • operates 60 times faster than RO
  • needs only one filter
  • uses waters indigenous ions
  • a green alternative, perfect choice for water reuse
  • sterilizes both septic odors
  • destroys VOC's, Pesticides, Herbicides, Pharmaceuticals
  • zero waste and zero discharge
  • destroys DBP's
  • cost pennies for 40,000 gallons

1. EO sterilizes Guardia associated with Legionella. Our pilots have demonstrated re-usable water solutions for AG and with a little audacity sell it in stores

2. Therapeutic Water – Ozone Tube is part of the NANOVATED hydro-therapy process for Wellness Centers of America.

3. Equine and Livestock- EO destroys nitrates from overloads of fertilizer in water. Examples are the Thames River in Marlboro UK. Ozone Tubes demonstrated a pilot for J Wonder a racehorse with Brian Meehan in 2014.
J Wonder - Winner of the Dubai Duty-Free Stakes at Newberry

4. Organic Fertilizer – Chlorine removal is key intercity greenhouses and micro-farm communities. OZONE TUBES removes chlorine 60 times faster than RO systems making water healthier for plants while saving every drop of water.

5. Health Care – Ozone Tubes licensed statusteam.org to destroy Legionella for Health Care in 2017.
Hydro-Therapy system Wellness Centers of America

6. Oil and Gas – Ozone Tube is a recognizable candidate for the process and remediation of frac-water remediation having solicited for major oil companies in 2013 to present.

7. Agriculture – Processing high volume oxygenated water for growing plants. Ozone Tubes speeds up the growth of plants using oxygen as a grow nutrient.

 Destroys chloramines and DPB and chlorine
 Neutralizes pH and acidity
 Destroys halogens such as THM
 Destroys chemical and biological oxygen
demand COD/BOD
 Destroys frac-water hydro-carbons such as
natural gas and pesticides
 Sterilizes molds, fungus, algae
 Speeds up carbon filters for the
removal of chlorine
 Recycles water
 Oxidizes and precipitates heavy metals with oxidation such as lead/arsenic and other cat ions
 Promotes friendly bacteria
 Increases plant yield and plant
 Faster water process vs. reverse
 Supports probiotic and friendly

Ozone Tubes has opened up big doors in the water business has set a gold standard in drinking water with unmatched freshness and purity. On a large scale, consumers can’t deal with the broad issues of providing drinking water as the average shopper now days push a shopping cart loaded with cases of water around the store, week after week, year after year. This stress on the consumer has water companies profiting in the net billions of dollars without much question. Nestle alone profits 2 million dollars a day with a markup of 1/4M profit from their privileged sources and aquifer giveaways. If these facts are gone unchecked... water companies will have a hay day selling bottled water with a lot of greenwashing back to the consumer for buying their products.

Ozone Tubes has both great looks and contemporary style has gone on display at the World AG Expo in 2015. Ozone Tubes is rolled up into one thru-put application demonstrating oxidation standards high enough sterilize and condition water for consumer products. What makes us special is the low operational cost of 12v from any low-cost energy supply. We as a group are on the threshold and a new era in both pure water and clean energy. Gone are the days of providing second class water while absorbing the cost to the consumer. Chlorination is highly unpopular and is at best only a partial control for bacteria and algae. Chlorine forms halogens such as THM and is ineffective against strains of legionella found in old pipes and cisterns.

Finally, as water prices climb, more innovations will be needed to meet consumer demand. Investing in OTI is like having a product with a gold standard already in the water business. Pure water is best described in terms of quality other than just giving out the numbers as done with RO and food labeling. This has raised issues dealing with water as a consumer product. In my experience, award-winning water is best judged for its smooth and slushy texture. Its virtual freshness and thirst quenching properties as we have demonstrated for colleges and businesses.

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