Oryx Autonomous Desalination Systems

Oryx Autonomous Desalination Systems

ORYX is a stand-alone system for solar water desalination.   Thermal energy for membrane distillation is provided by solar thermal collectors and solar PV power the pumps and control systems.  Each unit is designed to operate autonomously, starting and stopping automatically when there is sufficient sunlight.

ORYX is robust, has low-fouling tendency and can be used with seawater or brackish wells.  No pre-treatment chemicals, no backflushing and low maintenance make ORYX ideal for drinking water supply in remote areas.

ORYX desalination units are suited for applications where drinking water is needed but no infrastructure is available. ORYX provides a secure and reliable alternative to transportation by boat, truck or by hand.

Potential application sites include rural households, remote research camps, coastal construction sites, and any remote facilities in sunny regions. ORYX desalination units are in operation worldwide from Mexico to the Middle East, Southern Europe, Africa and Australia.

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