NVP Energy is a clean-tech company with a disruptive and innovative technology that turns wastewater (WW) into a revenue generator for our customers.


Our unique energy-positive and carbon-neutral Low temperature Anaerobic Digestion (Lt-AD) technology treats wastewater in the target markets of:  

  • Food & Drink WW (e.g. Dairy; Meat Processing;  Brewing, Distilling and Malting)
  • Municipal WW


Treatment options are limited for these markets with the majority using the 100 year old energy intensive Activated Sludge Process (ASP) which is no longer a sustainable form of treatment due to its high energy and fossil fuel usage, excess sludge production and carbon emissions. Our Lt-AD technology uniquely treats low strength WW at temperatures as low as 4°C, and produces a methane-rich biogas which is 100% available for reuse due to the technology’s zero heat energy input requirement, thus allowing the biogas to become a revenue generator.


This is a new market for high-rate AD, as low strength WW streams do not possess the biogas production capabilities required to heat the systems to traditional high temperatures (>35°C), a requirement of the AD technologies currently on the market.


The technology removes high levels of wastewater pollutants (without aeration or heat) and produces negligible sludge yields resulting in substantial operational savings. The energy generated from the biogas is greater than the energy required to operate our Lt-AD technology making Lt-AD a carbon-neutral and energy-positive wastewater treatment technology. Visit our website for further information. 

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