IoT-Water is an Internet of Things based system for water monitoring developed by Advanticsys ( This system can integrate a wide variety of Commercial Off The Shelf sensors and integrate energy harvesting solutions. It includes standard protocols and open access to information as well as the data visualization tool Concordia®. This is a modular solution that can be fixed for client needs and it is suitable for industrial use or experimentation.

The IoT-Water system has been applied in scenarios for floods forecasting and water qualiy control, helping different authorities  to solve problems in their communities and also forecasting rivers' conditions for evacuation planning, implementing an alert system for citizens or for having a record on water resources over time in order to manage their distribution. This tool has been integrated in many hydrological models and has proved to be a reliable source of information and a robust solution.

This tool has been tested in two different scenarios (1) in Doncaster, UK and (2) in Vicenza, Italy. Two wireless networks have been set up working on GPRS and also short range communications with IEEE 802.15.4 standard. Using a combination of these two protocols and technologies has alowed Advanticsys to re configure monitoring points by adding extra IoT-Water systems next to network access points. Another benefit from the system is that it can reduce installation times and costs since it relies on wireless technologies and therefore does not require any cables to transmit the information. This solution has been successfully implemented and is available as a customizable product.

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