An Innovative Natural and Sustainable Waste Water Treatment Technology

An Innovative Natural and Sustainable Waste Water Treatment Technology

Lotus is a Natural and Sustainable wastewater treatment technology:

Lotus Floating Treatment Wetland (FTW) technology offers a cost effective alternative to centralized wastewater treatment systems because it provides low-cost installations with minimal maintenance costs and a positive ecological impact.  

Lotus has improved upon all the fundamental aspects of Floating Treatment Wetlands by: 

First, using specially selected aquatic plants and setting them afloat upon the surface of treatment lagoons constructed with aerobic, facultative and anaerobic treatment areas. These plants are held in vertical position till they develop a thick mat of roots and rhizomes upon which waste degrading bacteria form large colonies of biofilm essential for wastewater treatment.  

Second, the Lotus platforms suspend “Biological Curtains” to varying depths forming the essential element of a bioreactor support for aerobic, facultative and anaerobic bacteria. These bacterial communities provide the whole spectrum of wastewater treatment. 

Third, incorporating a series of “Hydraulic Curtains”, which also serve as bacterial support systems, Lotus platforms channel wastewater exposing it to the maximum amount of waste degrading bacteria without forming preferential channels, or dead zones. 

These three fundamental properties of Lotus technology allow the construction and operation of the highly effective decentralized facilities with a guaranteed efficiency and sustainability.

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