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Overall description

InfoDROUGHT (also known as InfoSequia) is a web-mapping climate service developed by FutureWater for the operational monitoring of droughts and their impacts. It provides straightforward and weekly information on the drought conditions of a region through simple and interactive functionalities.

InfoDROUGHT is a Drought Monitoring toolbox that can easily be integrated with existing Early Warning Decision Support Systems. The core of the system includes a set of algorithms which automatically collects satellite data from the cloud, processes and generates severity drought indices and portable bulletins, and feeds a web-mapping service from which all the information can be interactively queried and downloaded.

InfoDROUGHT is a site- and user-tailored system with a flexible and modular structure. The calibration (threshold definitions) and validation of the system are performed by combining expert knowledge and auxiliary impact assessments and datasets. Different technical solutions (basic or advanced versions) or deployment options (open-standard or restricted-authenticated) can be purchased by end-users and customers according to their needs.

IT characteristics and working

InfoDROUGHT has a programming structure integrated by three main modules (pre-processing, processing and communication) with connected-cascade task-specific algorithms. Algorithms in the pre-processing and processing modules have been coded in a Phyton-QGIS-GDAL open source environment, while the algorithms in the communication module have been codified using R or R-shiny.

According to their needs, customers define, with the support of FutureWater experts, the region of interest, the number and type of satellite-based indicators to be used, and the level/s of spatial aggregation (spatial units) adopted for showing severity warnings.

The system requires to parameterize some thresholds to convert drought index values into severity classes. This task is addressed by FutureWater experts adopting a calibration-validation approach and using external-auxiliary data on drought severity and impacts.

The general programming code has been optimally designed to manage potential runtime in a fast and secure way. This guarantees fast responses to customers in case of system failures. 

Other characteristics and Added Values 

Fully-integrated toolbox; Operational open-source satellite-based monitoring system; Data delivery through web-mapping technologies; Flexible, modular and scalable service ready to be tailored according to customer’s requirements and needs; High-qualified team providing technical support and improvement. 


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