Our mission is to move from acquired knowledge to shared knowledge in the areas of water management, such as supply, sewerage, urban drainage or flood risk assessment, and our vision is to develop Giswater, an open software project with the goal to communicate any water simulation software through any Spatial database with any Geographic Information System (GIS) in order to give everybody a real way of open solution of water management.

Giswater connects water simulation programs to a powerful GIS interface, and lays the foundation for full management of water supply systems, sewerage systems, drainage networks and rivers using Web Map Services (WMS), System Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) or Customer Relationship Management Systems (CRMS).

The versions of the code are released under GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE v3, but it is subordinate to the License Agreements of the constituent software packages. These may be more or less restrictive than the GNU GPL v3. Please ensure that you agree with the terms of all the licenses before using this software these can be found in the folders for the constituent programs.

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Thanks to Giswater today it's possible to manage spatial data in order to communicate with EPANET or EPA SWMM. In addition it's also possible to create a SDF file (a standard DEM file) which it's possible to use in order to export terrain data from GIS to other GIS tools or analisys tools such as HEC-RAS. In some cases the communication could be bi-directional and by this way, the data result modeled from these programs could be stored, indexed and consulted into the spatial database.

The released versions uses an Open Source Database as PostgreSQL with spatial extension (PostGIS) and creates GIS projects using a sample of the Open Source Geographic Information System QGIS. However, thanks to the database arquitecture which is scalable and with arc-node topology, it's simple to modify the source code in order to connect to other databases such as Oracle or MSServer and other GIS (as ArcGIS, Geomedia,  gvSIG or Terraview). Giswater runs on Java Runtime Environment. As a matter of fact, it's possible to run on any operating systems as LINUX or MAC although for the moment we only release it for Windows O/S version.

The experience of the Research Group, GITS ( from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (BarcelonaTech) and the consulting firm BGEO ( developing advanced engineering solutions have jointed forces to carry out this project. As a matter of fact, the Giswater Association has been created in order to consolidate the success of the project

Thus, if you are thinking about Giswater implementation on your company, and you have any combination of software technologies discussed above, don't hesitate to contact  any company that provides Giswater consulting services. -

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