Urban areas are more and more stressed by storm water events.

Every year in Europe, flooding’s causes million worth damage (13 Billion €/year in Europe).

The situation is worsened by urbanization and waterproofing of the soil. Furthermore, we are dealing with important risks of pollutions caused by these flooding’s. Our cities are equipped with sewer pipe networks, which were developed to collect and evacuate quickly these rain water and waste water.

The authorities are compensating the waterproofing failure with large and expensive retention tanks. Land availability and price is the main issue when it comes to this solution. These tanks need also heavy maintenance in order to operate properly.

Just imagine one could use the waste water network system as a buffer against overloading during rainfall events !

The engineers of  F-REG developed an efficient working system that is easy to implement, and requires as little maintenance as possible. It's a new system for storm water attenuation to address the problem of sewer overloading and CSOs in cost-effective manner.

They patented a flow limiter device using the pipes that collect the rain or combined sewer water for buffer storage enabling flow regulation and optimization of the pipes storage capacity. It allows both stocking and evacuation of rain water in the collecting pipes.

It is an innovative and efficient, yet simple, system using a series of “Flovalv” to partially hold back high flows.

These valves are operated by gas pistons which are calibrated to open, gradually, at a specific pressure, allowing flow through the system to increase at a measured rate to avoid surges and downstream flooding or pollution discharges. The “Flovalv” does not obstruct flows at typical dry weather levels.

The “Flovalv” can be used in storm water-only or combined sewer systems. It can be implement on new projects and existing collection system. Installation is relatively easy and it is space efficient compared to traditional hard infrastructure solutions. This method reduces retention system cost by around 40% for new projects, and up to 90% on existing networks.

Competing smart sewer solutions require sensors, telemetry, remotely controlled valves, software and frequent management. In contrast, the “Flovalv” requires no electrical equipment or supervision, though it can be equipped with sensors if desired, to return information to the sewer operator (such as flow rate).

Several collectivities have already tested this system in France: (Lyon, Marseilles, Mulhouse, Antibes...), and a “Flovalv” is installed on a combined waste and storm water sewer operated by SUEZ.

F-REG is currently working on 30 new projects in France.

F-REG is actually seeking full scale pilot trial or E.U-funded cooperation projects opportunities.


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