Exploiting Super-Critical Water Oxidation for Sludge Treatment (AQUACRITOX)

Exploiting Super-Critical Water Oxidation for Sludge Treatment (AQUACRITOX)

AquaCritox provides a unique solution for the efficient disposal of sludges from sewage and water treatment, pharmaceutical/chemical, oil and gas. It can also recover spent catalysts. It uses a technology called Super Critical Water Oxidation, which operates at high temperature and pressure to break down organic materials into safe gases, which can be captured, leaving a small inert residue. It is exothermic, producing excess energy for as heat or electricity. In comparison to other sludge treatments, AquaCritox delivers more complete destruction of sludges, net positive energy, reduced environmental impact and lower capital and operating cost. The project will set up a demonstrator as a test facility for potential clients. It will also address regulatory, technical, financing, client resistance, manufacturing and support barriers limiting take up. It will set up worldwide manufacturing and support process for AquaCritox. It will assess environmental benefits in comparison to alternatives solutions, such as incineration. Extensive promotion and dissemination will be carried out with emphasis on placing the technology firmly in the mainstream of sludge treatment technologies.


AquaCritox disposes of waste from wastewater treatment, pharma/chemical, oil and gas, with harmless residues and positive energy recovery.


The prime output goal is the positioning of AquaCritox as a preferred system for the treatment of waste sludges, giving Europe worldwide leadership in the application of SCWO technology.
The partnership has targeted 8 orders valued at 200m€ during the project with strong growth afterwards
AquaCritox will deliver major environmental benefits, such as a. complete destruction of sewage waste resulting in the elimination of land spread and landfill; b. over 200 t/annum CO2 reduction per system; c. 60m Mj/annum renewable energy generation per system; d. Elimination of chemicals for sewage treatment.

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Name: Mr. Edward Coleman
E-mail: ecoleman@scfi.eu

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