EIO - Waste management

EIO - Waste management

ZAAO Ltd is a waste management organization operating in the North Vidzeme Region of Latvia. Its main activity is collection and disposal of municipal solid waste.
ZAAO offers qualitative waste management services, including the collection, sorting, transportation, processing and disposal of waste in an environmentally sound direction, as well as improves public awareness in environmental education.
The vision of ZAAO is to be recognized as the best practice example in the field of waste management by both partners and the public.

ZAOO Ltd was found in 1998 by four municipalities of Vidzeme region. The origin of the company is associated with the project “500-” which introduced significant changes in the field of waste management in Latvia. The North Vidzeme region was chosen for a pilot project aimed to close the existing 104 legal and illegal waste disposal dumps and to develop a new, modern municipal solid waste landfill, as well as to implement waste collection and management system covering Cesis, Limbazi, Valka and Valmiera districts – founders of ZAAO.
During the pilot project landfill Daibe was built and in 2005 it became the only place for solid municipal waste processing and disposal in North Vidzeme region.
In 2008 ZAAO Energy was found in order to develop innovative projects in the field of energy production (electricity, heat, and biofuel) from waste processing products – biomass and biogas. It is planned that implementation of such projects will contribute decreasing of greenhouse gas emissions and promote the increase of energy supply independency. The initial task has been completed and since 2009 landfill gas collected at Daibe landfill is used for electricity production in cogeneration. Currently ZAAO takes part in Intelligent Energy Europe project UrbanBiogas which aims to promote the production of biomethane from landfill gas for further use in vehicles or for injection into natural gas grids.
In 2002 ZAAO became the first waste management company in Latvia receiving ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001:2004 certification confirming its efforts in environmental protection.
Commitment to sustainability by the company leaders and successful attraction of EU structural funds has allowed ZAAO to build qualitative waste management system with modern infrastructure and to become the leading waste management organization in Latvia. Participating in the UrbanBiogas project is a step forward.

Barriers and Drivers
The main driver is the ambitions of the management of the company to become the leading innovative company to offer customers wide range of services in waste management.
The main barrier is the lack of proper legislation that would allow wider waste separation.

Economic Performance
ZAAO business model has proven to show a solid commercial success.

Social Performance
inhabitants of North Vidzeme region are ensured with waste sorting facilities
well developed waste management system in the region
lessons learned available
education of citizens regarding environmental issues

Environmental Impact
Well developed waste management system contributes to environmental protection and reduced environmental performance
CH4 emission reduction
energy production from landfill gas

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