EIO - SuperDrecksKëscht for ecological waste-management

EIO - SuperDrecksKëscht for ecological waste-management

The SuperDrecksKëscht in Luxembourg, is an holistic system based on re-consumption, and implemented through actions by the Ministry of sustainable Development and Infrastructure taken with the communities, the Luxembourg Chamber of Crafts, and the Chamber of Trade. The actions are in relation to the national waste management and the Waste Management Law, and are an integral part of this. The brand was developed in orientation with the EU waste management strategy.

The SuperDrecksKëscht (SDK) is an holistic system available and aimed to citizens, companies, commerce and the public administration, with close consumer involvement. The initiative was launched in 1985 by the Luxembourg Ministry of the Environment, which works in cooperation with the Chamber of Crafts since 1991.

More especifically, the SDK provides advice to citizens and businesses, by stressing the importance of waste prevention. It also promotes the environmentally sound recycling of waste and reuse by second-hand shops. Reconsumption is the final and main objective, by promoting the collection of residual waste and recycling as much as possible. Moreover, the SDK has developed a label for businesses ("Clever akafen" or "Clever Shopping") that encourages shopping that is environmentally friendly and that avoids waste and saves resources. In the process of labelisation, the SDK assists resellers to implement a sustainable product policy and a sustinable consumption by consumers. Businesses and products are certified in accordance with ISO14024 if they comply with the guidelines set. All these actions have contributed to the emergence of a new commercial model based on the consumption-reconsumption philosophy. 

The activities of the SDK include : ongoing general provision of information and advice in schools and media (i.e. training courses); direct advice to bussinesses on waste prevention, and on how to set up an efficient in-house waste system; and the promotion and development of sustainable technologies for the separate collection and effcienct recycling of waste.  

According to a survey, the SuperDrecksKëscht is the third best-known consumer brand in Luxembourg. It was awarded "best practice" by the European Commission for the positive impact on ressources and climate protection, and it has also been applied successfully in other countries, such as Switzerland.

- Strong political support to convert Luxembourg into a model country for innovating environmental care
- Continous communication with al the actors of the economy.

Social Performance

- Continous information, advice and communication with the public
- About 3400 companies -that employ more than 50% of Luxembourg's workforce participate in the SuperDrecksKëscht initiative

Environmental Impact

- All commercial chains and other businesses participate in the "Clever Shopping" initiative.
- Businesses that had received advice by the SKD recycle 70% of the all the waste they produce

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