EIO - Starch flocculant

EIO - Starch flocculant

A new preparation method of starch flocculant formulations for the compaction and dewatering of municipal sewage sludge was prepared for patent application.

Synthesis conditions of N-(2-hydroxy)propyl-3-trimethylammonium starch chloride (CS) as a raw material for the preparation of starch ampholytes as well as the structure of modified polysaccharide have been investigated. CS was obtained by etherification of potato starch with N-2,3-epoxypropyl-N,N,N-trimethylammonium chloride (EPTMAC) in the presence of organic bases. It was found that cationic starch has flocculation properties - it can aggregate particles of pollutants in model systems, sewage or sewage sludge into floccules, can assist in compaction and dewatering of municipal sewage sludge.

Barriers and Drivers
The main driver for the university scientists was a possibility to substitute synthetic flocculants used for compaction and dewatering of municipal sewage sludge with more natural flocculants.

Economic Performance
Use of new flocculants is expected to reduce costs of sewage sludge processing.

Social Performance
Promotion of the use of more natural technologies for the sewage and sewage sludge treatment.

Environmental Impact
Substitution of synthetic polyacrylamide flocculants with starch flocculants will improve biodissolution of sewage sludge and chemical dissociation of flocculant. As a result, the amount of biogas will increase and parameters of sludge rotted in such way would be changed. The composting of sewage sludge treated with the help of starch flocculants will improve the properties of the product.

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