EIO - Recycling of plastic bottles

EIO - Recycling of plastic bottles

PET Baltija specializes in recycling of post consumer PET bottles. Company is producing colour sorted, clean, hot washed PET flakes that can be used in production of food packaging material as well as in fibre and strapping industries.

JSC PET Baltija was established in January 2003. With the capacity of around 24 thousand bottles per year PET Baltija is the largest company in its field among the Baltic States and the only factory of such kind in Latvia.
For the production of PET flakes factory is purchasing raw material (PET bottles) from Baltic countries and Scandinavia as well as from other European and CIS countries.
During the production process raw material is seperated from metal impurities, washed, sorted by colours and grinded to a certain sized PET flakes. PET flakes are afterwards exported to neighboring countries for production of PET bottle blanks, fabrics, packaging, etc. 
An audit of PET Baltija  production process was made on May, 2008 and DNV confirmed that the the production processes at PET Baltija JSC correspond to LVS EN 13437:2003 standard.

Barriers and Drivers
One of the main barriers is the low waste sorting rate in Latvia. Only 5% of the raw material comes from Latvia.
The main driver is the demand of the produced raw material for further production of new products and materials.

Economic Performance
Production of PET flakes from used PET bottles is a viable bussiness model due to the fact that PET is a material that can be recycled for many times. The turnover since 2009 has more than tripled from €3.4m to €14.4m in 2011.

Social Performance
Better environment with less plastic garbage

Environmental Impact
PET is a non bio-degradable plastic waste. In order to conserve planet resources, it is necessary to organize as much as possible the return of the used PET bottles, first in form of flakes, and then different types of PET products. 

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